How It Works

You use AdLoader differently depending on wether you are a buyer (wanting to promote your web site) or a seller (wanting to earn money from selling ads on your web site). You can be just a buyer, seller or both sell and buy Ads through the Adloader Service.

So to summarize...

  • Own/Run a web site (or want to promote someone elses)

  • Wish to easily purchase advertising space on other sites to promote the web site(s) they control.

  • Are prepared to buy Ads using either their credit card, PayPal or MoneyBookers

  • Click here to see how to buy Ads

  • Own/Run a web site with signifigant traffic

  • Wish to sell advertising space on their web sites with ease and simplicity.

  • Will get paid by AdLoader for the Ads they sell through the system less a 15% commision.

  • Click here to see how to Sell Ads