• Question: What is AdLoader?

    Answer: AdLoader is a tool or system to facilitate the buying and selling of advertisements over the internet. AdLoader specifically targets smaller web sites and buyers that don't have the means to use large agencies such as DoubleClick to sell their Ad inventory. AdLoader makes it easy to buy Ads on participating web sites and/or sell Ad space to make money from your web site, no matter what size it is!

  • Question: What is an AdFarm?

    Answer: An AdFarm is an area on a seller's web site that they setup to display AdLoader ads. Within the AdFarm, the seller then set's up productswhich are the ad types available for purchase. So an example of an AdFarm would be the right hand colum on a home page where ads can be bought and an example of the products in that AdFarm would be Text Ad for 1 Day, or Text Ad for 5000 impressions and so on. Refer to the sample diagram to the right which shows a typical AdFarm (vertical).

  • Question: How Much Does it Cost to Use AdLoader?

    Answer: If you are using AdLoader as a seller, we take 20% of the sale price of the Ads as our fee for providing the service. If you are buying Ads through the system, the price is set buy the site publisher and can vary enourmously depednding on the site's traffic.

  • Question: How Do I Get Started Using AdLoader

    Answer: That's easy, if you are wanting to sell Ad space on your web site, then visit How Does It Work for sellers here.

    Likewise if you want to buy Ads, you can easily get going by visiting How Does It Work for buyers, here

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